Herdwick sheep herd and lambs


RUSKIN bags are versatile companions for the curious, discerning, design conscious  customer who appreciates discreet sophistication. With a naturally refined appearance of easy elegance, a RUSKIN brings an understated flair and confidence to a modern classic look.

At RUSKIN our approach is quiet and considered. We believe that true quality takes time and dedication and must be respectful of all those artisans who have mastered the craft skills necessary to create truly exceptional products. Since our inception we have worked closely with a family owned and run factory in Italy who share in our values. Our manufacturers are remarkable in their ability to skillfully execute unique materials to create products of excellence and integrity.

RUSKIN tweed is made from the wool of the rare breed Herdwick sheep reared on the mountains of the English Lake District and the place Alli will always call home. This noble fabric of enduring natural quality is designed to reflect a new honesty in luxury. With its inherent moisture resistant, light weight durability and tailored elegance the signature RUSKIN tweed collection brings a unique perspective to the new luxury space.

Alli Abdellal ruskin london founder

RUSKIN was founded by Alli Abdelal with one clear aim: to create a refined collection of bags using a unique natural tweed she designed to meet modern design rigor.

"Understated and uncompromising in quality and detail."