Our philosophy is quiet and considered. We view our design work as a call-to-action; a vital opportunity to find innovative ways to create alternative solutions and to produce designs that you will love to use with the changing seasons.

Our beliefs are foundational to our brand and are priorities in all our decisions.

We believe in:

  1. formidable craftsmanship and fabulous natural materials.
  2. beautiful, timeless design that does not succumb to the vagaries of trends.
  3. the right kind of sensory overload.
  4. a quieter kind of luxury, which intentionally slows the pace and respects the limitations of the environment.
  5. keeping our supply chain short and transparent.
  6. creating sophisticated, versatile designs that truly reflect your lifestyle and values.
  7. artisanal excellence; in working exclusively with our Italian and Yorkshire artisans who are masters of their crafts.
  8. doing what we can to support and protect traditional artisanal workmanship.