‘What we think, or what we know, or what we believe, is, in the end, of little consequence.

The only consequence is what we do’


 With a burgeoning dissatisfaction with a throwaway culture and a concern for the effects of mass production on the environment, on design, traditional skills and the lives of people, we wanted to create a contemporary response at RUSKIN, that brings you closer to natural materials and to the work of master artisans. It is a response born our of curiosity for what we are truly able to sustain that reflects our vision for a better world based on responsibility. 

Our approach and our way of thinking about sustainability relates to how slow rather than how fast things happen: to the time it takes to innovate and produce new materials; to the time it takes to share the value and subtleties of these rare materials and to the time-intensive skill acquisition. 


For us, this means using smaller more bespoke production that respects the rhythm of artisanal work that doesn’t succumb to the vagaries of trends. It means building close and lasting relationships with our artisans to nurture and protect their work. For this reason we have chosen to make our bags in small numbers, one by one, with great care being taken in the making of each.

It means using high-quality raw materials sparingly, without undue extravagance so that they will be available in the future. It means procuring wool responsibly on behalf of farmers to maximise the returnIt means spurring innovation of natural materials designed to extend the life cycle of our bags and for this reason, our tweed range will always remain the backbone of our collection because it is most successful in illustrating our priorities. It also means creating designs you will love and cherish, not stylistic gestures only to be discarded next season. 


This is the disarming simplicity of RUSKIN. We believe in beating to the rhythm of our own drum to break away from the pressures of rapid growth as a means to success. Rather, our approach is to tread lightly, remain in control creatively and to offer lasting value to all those in our supply chain. It is an approach with feeling and meaning that allows us to stay true to what we want to achieve. It is an approach we are able to sustain.