If you travel north almost as far as you can go before England ends and Scotland begins, you’ll find the Lake District. Requiring very little introduction, this iconic area, now designated a UNESCO world heritage site, has attracted and influenced poets and writers the world over. It is also the place that is the inspiration to our brand, a great luxury in life, with all its infinite possibilities and innate sensibility to sooth and stimulate.

When you speak to people about the Lake District, usually the first response is one of overwhelming admiration, immediately followed by ‘the weather’s terrible there’! With dramatic weather changes from one moment to the next, the area usually lives up to its reputation as ‘unpredictable’! Consistent or erratic, spectacular or stark the sense of drama and beauty in the Lake District is heightened by the play of light and the textures and colour palette of nature; always soft and muted.

Despite its beauty, it is important to caution against over-romanticising life there. The reality of cold winters and rugged rural life for contemporary hill farmers is a stark one. While locals continue to keep this traditional industry alive, this way of life is becoming harder to sustain. Farmers exist precariously facing global market forces while at the same time diversifying their businesses. 

You don’t need to go far from the picturesque towns and villages in the valleys before you feel a sense of freedom in the storied mountains of the English Lake District and that's where you’ll find the real magic. The Lake District commands some of the world’s most unspoiled and otherworldly landscapes and being immersed in its unassuming beauty, even for a short while, leaves a lasting impression.