Tucked away in a quiet residential area in Rome is a modest workshop where each RUSKIN bag is meticulously hand crafted. Inside, fine leathers, colourful threads, boxes of hardware and well worn tools spill from every corner and shelf in a picturesque muddle. The workshop is presided over by two brothers who were raised by their father as traditional artisans with a patience and dedication to their craft. They describe themselves as 'fish out of water' as they are now the last surviving leather workshop in the city. 

Their work takes place in an atmosphere of scholarly calm, born of long hours studying, exploring, creating and training to push the envelope on quality. With so much that is now volume and information driven, it is the kind of authentic, hand crafted work that has irreplaceable value, not for reasons of nostalgia, but because skilled human hands are capable of sensitivity and emotion that can never be replicated by a machine. 


Each RUSKIN begins as a conversation about your needs and sensibilities which we then carefully translate to hand drawn concepts on paper. We work closely with our artisans who research and study our designs to bring them to life. The combination of pleasing proportions, beautiful colours and materials and exceptional workmanship culminate in sophisticated designs that ultimately evoke a deep feeling. It is with this deeper feeling that we hope to generate an awareness of the time, care and skill that has gone in to making each RUSKIN. 


We are committed to a quieter, considered luxury scene where quality and a deep appreciation of artisanal discipline still reign supreme. We share our artisans passion for attention to detail and believe that with every precise stitch, every hand painted edge, every tuck and fold, trim and cut we are better able to connect you with our artisans and the quality that defines RUSKIN.


The materials for each RUSKIN are hand selected for their properties and the feelings they elicit. Pure tweed for that textured organic feel. Beautiful, soft Italian leather for it’s, rich grain, texture and colour consistency with distinctive markings that impart unique character. With the varying textures and shadowy furrows, the surfaces are unique to genuine leather and become ever more beautiful with time. The warm, pliable nature of the tweed opens possibilities for modern forms which are mindful of provenance rather than being engineered. These are the details to relish and appreciate that bring integrity and connection to our designs. 

Like all passionate artisans, our craftsmen and women in Italy are driven by the beauty and satisfaction in their work and they are quite remarkable in their ability to skillfully execute the tweed. For us to create a product with a clear statement of intent, that advocates for itself by way of its quality and integrity, the design and the craftsmanship must work hand in hand. We believe strongly in nurturing and sustaining the work of our artisans whose time-honoured precision processes truly bring superior quality and continued relevance.

With sincere admiration and gratitude to our artisans and friends in Rome who work tirelessly to produce each RUSKIN bag with the utmost beauty and dexterity.