With the ease at which we can now buy products produced in enormous factories, assembled by a large workforce and utilising highly complex processes, we believe that it is vital that we remember that behind every product crafted by a true artisan is a human who has honed, refined and practiced their skills over the course of an entire career and who is of inestimable value.

Artisanal excellence is a human aspiration and achievement that comes from creating with passion, care and uncompromising attention to detail. Every precise stitch, every hand painted edge, every tuck and fold, trim and cut represents generations of experience that testifies to a time gone by. Although it is a notably old way of doing things, and a much slower time and labour intensive way of doing things, this is what makes artisanal products quite remarkable and what ultimately brings an exceptional level of refinement.

Each RUSKIN is hand crafted in a workshop in Italy by a small team whose skills are born out of the traditions of patience and dedication to their craft. We believe strongly in their time-honoured precision processes and the excellence and integrity of their work that brings superior hand crafted quality with lasting and continued relevance.

With sincere admiration and gratitude to our artisans and friends in Rome who work tirelessly to produce each RUSKIN bag.