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“You’re lucky you found your way back down in this weather. Next time you should line your shoes with some Herdwick wool to keep your feet warm and dry. There's so much value in that wool, you know. If you had time, you could really do something useful with it.”

This passing conversation with a local farmer in the English Lake District in 2016, set in motion the whirlwind of ideas that ultimately led to the creation of RUSKIN. We decided that we could innovate and elevate this rare natural fibre to reimagine its potential, the result is our signature RUSKIN tweed range. 

Fast forward five years and our collection of artisan bags has grown to encompass a full tweed and leather range, defined by a luxuriously muted palette and soft organic textures and curves. In a world of overproduction, our intention is to create a tightly edited collection of real depth and beauty that offers up all the right kind of sensory overload. 


We understand that as curious, compassionate global citizens, you are seeking sophisticated, versatile designs that reflect your lifestyle and values. Our core desire is to create designs of enduring value that celebrate the creative process while inspiring self expression. 


We believe in a quieter kind of luxury that intentionally slows the pace. We are patient. We believe in this way we can respect the limitations of the environment and at the same time bring you the kind of exquisite, crafted design that we can be proud of. 


Artisanal excellence is at the heart of everything we do. We exclusively work with traditional worsted weavers in Yorkshire and Italian artisans who are true masters of their crafts. Our manufacturers are remarkable in their ability to skilfully execute hand-selected materials to create products of excellence and integrity.



With a love for style that prioritises craftsmanship and quality over the vicissitudes of time and taste, CEO and designer, Alli Abdelal believes that when the overall impression of a design is processed through all the senses, we find meaning; in the the soft, natural materials, the rich blend of colour and texture and in the exceptional handcrafted details.

“The designs we create at RUSKIN are about connection, with the finer details of hand crafted work and the natural nuances and texture of materials that engage our senses and reconnect us with our world." 

We hope you enjoy exploring the RUSKIN collection.