RUSKIN tweed begins and ends with nature. It is woven from the wool of the rare, protected breed of sheep called Herdwick that live and roam freely in the mountains of the English Lake District. By nature, Herdwick fleeces are heavy and dense; the wool is uniquely durable, pliable and water resistant - perfectly suited to long harsh winters and severe mountain conditions.

In our three Yorkshire mills, raw wool is carefully cleaned and combed before being slowly spun into a fine worsted yarn. It is then woven and washed in natural soap and well water - drawn from below the mill. This process shrinks and interlocks the fibres, which enhances its waterproof properties. As we do not dye or alter RUSKIN tweed in any way, the fabric is finally dried and pressed before being shipped out to Italy.

Recognising the potential in this rare, natural fibre, we set out to harness these uniquely durable properties and elevate them in an artisanal design. The result is a high-performing, low-impact fabric that is a visual delight and a tantalising invitation to touch. 



Tucked away in a quiet residential area in Rome is a modest workshop where each RUSKIN bag is meticulously hand crafted. The workshop is run by two brothers, raised as traditional artisans with patience and dedication to their craft. They are now the last surviving leather workshop in the city. 

We work closely with our artisans who research and study our designs to gradually bring them to life. Our leather is carefully selected and cut before being assembled by hand. The combination of pleasing proportions, beautiful colours and exceptional workmanship culminate in sophisticated designs that ultimately evoke a deep feeling. 

We use the finest quality, responsibly sourced full-grain Italian hides for their rich appearance and durable functionality. 100% of RUSKIN materials are sourced within Europe, produced with the purpose to minimise impact on the environment during production, as well as in recycling and disposal phases.