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"I was introduced to RUSKIN some time ago now. The tweed is what caught my eye when I discovered the brand and the exceptional quality of course!"

- Maurice M.


"I chose the RUSKIN tote bag to provide me with a classic bag that doesn't go out of style and enhances all of my outfits. I have not been disappointed. I particularly love the beautiful stitching and suede lining and the statement curve of the front flap. The bag is not only elegant but practical too."

-Ghislaine J

"I got the parcel. And I must say that I love the bags!
Sartorially yours"

 - Guillaume Bo




"I've purchased 3 RUSKINs over a period of four years and the quality is consistently excellent. My favourite is the Hopper backpack which I take everywhere with me, especially my sailing trips. It's really versatile, stylish and super durable."

- Karla C.

"I was so pleased to receive my RUSKIN. I discovered the brand a couple of years ago now and have had my eye on the Hopper backpack ever since. I really like RUSKIN's more thoughtful approach and the fact that they are trying to do something a little different with the tweed!"

 - Claire L


"My wife is extremely pleased with her RUSKIN. It was delivered quickly and arrived carefully gift wrapped. Thank you."

- Daniel M




"Superb bag, practical size, lived up to expectations and the international service was excellent."  

- Sylvie O.

"As an architect, I travel a lot so I use my RUSKIN to carry my laptop and electronics wherever I go. The detailing is impeccable and I love the feel of the leather and the wool."

- Mariana M.


"Low key, timeless, practical and versatile - just what I've been looking for. Many thanks."

  - Ahmed A




"My RUSKIN was given to me as a gift. The craftsmanship is first rate and the tweed has proved to be highly durable. I'm so pleased with my purchase."

Sally L

"I'm always travelling for work and I can proudly say that my two RUSKINs (Cuthbert and Quentin) have held up very well with the rigors of being road warriors. If anything the tweed and leather have improved with wear."

- Ari J.

"My Camille clutch is really soft and durable and over time the leather has gradually darkened to develop a beautiful patina. I've received lots of compliments about my RUSKIN and would highly recommend the brand."

- Janet M.



"You'll always find me with my RUSKIN, and inside it, a good read! Thanks RUSKIN, the Elvet is a great companion!"

- Sam T

"I chose to buy a RUSKIN because the tweed range really stood out for me as someone who doesn't follow trends in the fashion industry but appreciates great design."

 - Emma T


"I love my RUSKIN Tote bag. The quality of the leather surpasses all bags I own. The Camille style is sophisticated, yet practical and so beautifully made, I'm not afraid to use it daily. I chose mine in Birch which is striking and suits my colorful style."

- Sandra G.